Hairy cell leukemia support group


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  1. Mole
    Mole 2 years ago

    Id love something like that done to me

  2. Tojashura 2 years ago

    Our last fight about it was after a family Sunday dinner a few weeks ago - at my house!! My 8 year old (my thinnest child) asked for seconds, and my mom said, “Okay! you can have seconds. You’re the only one of us that needs them!”. How is my other daughter (who is a perfectly healthy weight) supposed to interpret that?

  3. Salkree
    Salkree 2 years ago

    Olá tentei me escrever no seu canal não consegui

  4. Tolar 2 years ago

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  5. Voodoosho 2 years ago

    I wish I was dead.

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